Can I? Could I? Should I?

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about writing fiction. I’ve thought about writing fan fiction, short stories, just little plus that I’ve imagined. But, I never really dared to do it. Today I’m just going to casually make an attempt at it and post it here.

She saw a message from her friend wanting to meet her and they planned for it. It was decided that they meet at her place. They included her friend, her friend’s husband and herself. The couple of them were two of her favourite people. Made for each other and good hearted. She knew them through her husband, they were his colleagues. Now they were more family than friends.

The three friends met. She had an odd premonition that something wasn’t right. And they broke it to her. A rumour that her husband was having an affair was doing the rounds, and her friends now had the information that this wasn’t just a rumour. She put on a brave face, smiled and assured them that she would talk to her husband about this.

Her husband returned a few days after, from a work trip away. Though she knew that her friends wouldn’t warn her without reason, her husband seemed to be the same man who loved her. She still saw the joy in his eyes when he saw her, she still knew that the love they shared was the same.

A while later when touching and getting under each other’s skin weren’t enough, when the song they made reached its highest crescendo, when they couldn’t hear anything over their furiously beating hearts, he called out a name as soft as a whisper. A name which echoed through her broken heart. She knew then that whatever it was, wasn’t casual anymore.

Well, it’s not a short story, it’s just a tiny little story. Not based on anyone or anything. And there are no names because I couldn’t think of them. These are the little things that make me give up the idea of writing stories.

So, what do you think? Now that I can and have posted fiction, how can I improve?😀

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