The White Plate Girl

Say Hi to the White Plate Girl.

I am a very OCD’ish person. I need things to be a certain way, else it drives me mad. And my Instagram account was becoming very badly organised. So, I decided to split my one account into three. One for my personal stuff, one for food and one for books.

The White Plate Girl’s account (here) is where I will be posting food posts from now. You may think this is a mad practice, but my feeds have dramatically improved and I get to follow appropriate accounts without having all of them huddled up in one account only. There is so much peace that followed this mad whim.

Anyway, leaving you with some masala. At home, we do not buy ready-made curry powders or masalas. These coriander seeds and chillies were dry roasted and were left out to cool down before being finely ground.


Oh, and the handle is because I have a white plate. And if I think it’s worth sharing (only photographically) then it’s up on the White Plate Girl.

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