Mascara Madness

I have got good eyes if I am being a bit less humble. They may be myopic, but they are mine and I can accessorize them with glasses, shades, contacts and makeup. I love my eyes. And I also love makeup. Therefore it can only be logical I love eye makeup.

And as everyone knows, makeup comes with an expiration date. That of mascara is three months. So if you begin using a tube of mascara, you need to discard it after that time period. It is best to go without mascara than be without eyelashes. (They do serve a purpose!)

Eyelashes, like all other areas that we slather makeup upon need to be taken care of as well. I use coconut oil to remove all makeup, then cleanse with soap and water. And then moisturize. For my eyelashes, they get a coat of castor oil an hour before bedtime. Usually, I take just dab it on my little finger and run it across my lashline. A few days back I decided to upcycle my mascara tube and fill it up with castor oil. This would make it much easier to use.

So I set off to cleaning my more than three-month-old, dried mascara tube. I removed the cap/wand, and then with a screwdriver opened the little cap thing out as well. A good soak in some warm soapy water for a while and then I began the cleaning.

The amount of mascara left in the tube made my eyes pop out of my head. I’m sure I could have coloured all my hair black again with it. It was clump after clump of mascara going down the drain… Literally money down the drain!😡

I did get my castor oil tube upcycle project done, but I also learnt that I’m not going to throw away mascara anymore. No matter how long it takes me to finish it, I shall use saline solution to hydrate it if it dries up. I shall use mascara as a liner if needs be, but I shall finish the tube. If I can finish the whole tube in a period of three months that would be great, if not it’s getting recycled into something else. Maybe a black bindi liquid, or something.

Do let me know if you have any ideas of recycling the leftover product because I am still reeling after seeing the wastage.

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