Things take time to become. An idea, a niggling thought that roots itself in our minds grow, takes form and shape. Eventually, it becomes an entity of its very own. One only we can create, what we could call our very own. But it takes time. And patience.

After all this time reading, blogging and generally appreciating the written word, I have set off to write something more voluminous than a blog post or an article. A story. It was in my mind. Well, the idea of writing something has always been on my mind. Will it amount to a book or even a novella? I do not know. All I know is that I have begun.

I may not succeed in this, I may not even complete the story. I may not publish it, on the blog or find a publisher wanting to do so as well. There are a lot of ways that this could ‘not be’, but there is only one way that it can become – by writing. My story, the one I cooked up is now what I am sitting down and typing. It has been only a few days. Hopefully, I shall keep at it and have substantial text to amount to a story or even a semblance of one.

A risk worth taking I think.

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