Not buying… Space.

Space is such an important thing. Personal space, work space, some space in one’s relationship with someone… And most importantly wardrobe space!

My clothes are in a full sized & a pint-sized wardrobe. There is also a suitcase filled with winter clothes. Shoes, makeup and accessories will probably make up another wardrobe by themselves. These leave my skincare & hair care supplies outside. No space, they are left open on a shelf above my workspace.

I own so much stuff. And some of them are over two decades old. And no, I am not throwing them out. I am not a hoarder, I am not a collector either. I just buy stuff and keep using it whenever I need to. I haven’t used a sweater since I moved back to Chennai, but that doesn’t mean I will throw out a good sweater. The old clothes in the nook and cranny are the ones from when I was in school or college. They still fit, but may not always be appropriate. Shoes and makeup and accessories are yet another such stories.

A few days back, Nandini whom I follow on Instagram & Twitter had spoken about how she has effectively succeeded in not buying anything new this year. Except for the necessary things like toiletries etc. So no new clothes, unless they are gifted; no new shoes unless they need to be replaced and so on. I was seriously wondering if I should start something like this. And what better day to begin than today.

Let us see if I can keep at it. As a first step, I have deleted all shopping apps from my phone. No more Myntra or Jabong. No Swiggy and definitely no Amazon or Flipkart. If I need anything at all I shall have to use the webpage and order online. So this is just a precautionary measure to help me.

Today I bought a meal for all of us at home, a celebratory one since it was my birthday after all. And then later in the evening went ahead and deleted all shopping apps. So far so good. But I still have Kindle on my phone. That doesn’t count!

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