Sometimes, I let out the imp in me. I’m not a naughty person. I was not a naughty baby. But I’ve gotten myself into situations that have sent my mother into superhero mode. There is no other explanation for my surviving playing with red chillies or getting my self caught between cocnrete bars, splitting my chin open while actually doing a split. But other times, mother would give me book or a magazine and I would sit still for hours together looking at it. Maybe I’m better now, all craziness is mostly contained to home witnessed exclusively by parents, and my sister . Sometimes for my bestest of friends. 

Last year I went on rants about the matrimony thing and how in a fit I deleted the profile created for me. Or maybe that rant was on Twitter. But I recently discovered my parents had created another one for me 😱, the sly folk. But now that I know, I have to be in on it as well. I have my doubts, but needs must and I did make a promise to myself that I would give it a try. If for nothing else, getting my mother to stop directing that puppy eyed look towards me is incentive enough.

Anyway, I was looking through profiles and since we need to match horoscopes and all, I have a look at that as well. So completely random strangers are poking around your profile, looking at your photos, getting to know your dietary preferences, and your date of birth and time of birth and all. Last night as I was looking at it, the little imp in me was taunting me… A niggling idea wormed through… What if… 

What if I took to messaging these totally random men on their birthdays, wishing them a very happy birthday!?!

The idea seems a good one. And it will probably get me blocked by such networks for being a general nuisance. I did have a wide evil grin just thinking about it. 😬

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