Plans in Place

It’s been a while since I wrote about things not related to my life. I haven’t reviewed anything, or even posted on my Bookstagram/Foodstagram. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been recklessly ignoring them. I have a plan. Or better said, I have a plan that’s perfect for the lazy me and OCD me.

There are atleast a dozen books that I want to post reviews about. I want the world to know that these books are ones that can titillate the reader in you. And therefore I have put them on hold. These reviews, once written will only be posted beginning January. So there will be some steady content. Same for the bookstagram and foodstagram. Photographs have been taken and processed, but kept on hold. The one downside to this plan maybe the loss of a few followers. But then, since I have not been bothered about numbers, that doesn’t count.

So that’s one thing happening this coming year. Also planning to take up the weekly review that I had going and gave up half way through 2017. It was a nice plan but given my mood around June this year, it was best I discarded that practice. Hopefully 2018 shall be better reviewed.

This may not seem like a very important practice or plan considering resolutions, nonetheless it does seem important to me. Because, I do want to start a bit of a prudent planning with regards to the blog. I was a very “as and when” blogger and that’s a good thing. Just writing whatever whenever I felt like, but planned posts are perhaps a challenge themselves. And reviewing what I’ve done the last week is even more difficult I felt. 

Let’s look forward to a more productive 2018!

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