Most of the time I do not dream. But the times I do, my dreams are mostly nonsensical. I once had a dream that my sister and I were on a safari in Africa, and then the animals went on a rampage, and both of us hid under a rock until it was safe to venture out. Of course, it must be said I was binge-watching “Zoo”.

A few days back I had the weirdest dream ever. And for no reason as well. There was a kid, and the kid and I were going somewhere. Only, there was no path, just a foot wide brick wall. We climbed on to it and walked. Unfortunately for us, it ends in a deep, deep foundation pit… I have never seen a hole dug that deep in my life ever. So then, we end up thinking how to cross this hurdle when the brick wall we are standing upon starts to collapse. Only, it is not a brick wall, but a wall of books. Might as well have been a brick, books do weigh a lot together! As we are being buried under bricks/books, they start to crumble into sand. And we are being suffocated under all that sand. That is when I woke up.

And that has been my most weirdest dream of all time. It doesn’t even make sense to me, no matter how much I try to decipher it. Maybe it actually is some thrilling story that I may be writing and would eventually make a superhit movie. Or it could be a video game, like Prince of Persia, and I could end up a millionaire after all.

That is the problem with dreams – you never understand them. And they give up the most upsettingly unreal expectations because of their occurrence. Now that I have chronicled my dream, I may rest assured that I am not going to think about it anymore.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to make a video game – make one with a curly haired, round-faced bespectacled adult female, and a little girl and their trials, and escapes from various accidents. I do expect a “Thanks” or a “Dedication”.

PS I wrote the previous few blog posts on the WordPress App. And while it was convenient, it was a bit of a hurdle as well given the formatting and all. I wish they would make it better soonish!

Update – If one were to believe in coincidences, then my tablet dying (and not reviving despite resusitations) after my experiencing this dream would be one. And that is the reason my reviews of ebooks will have images from the internet.😐

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