Happy New Year!

This time last year I sat down to write a similar post. At that time I had just written my 200th post! 2017 was a good year. I wouldn’t say great because there were failures and trials, but one perseveres.

I wrote an astounding 100+ blog posts last year on this blog.giphy
I mean that by itself is monumental for me because I showed a decided dedication to this blog. And the learning curve was great as well. I also posted via the WordPress App and I can tell you while it is handy, it will never replace the full site for me. I was irritated by the lack of formatting convenience on the app.

And special mention to the blogging community on the whole – what a great set of people to follow! I came to follow a bunch of bloggers in 2017. Fellow bloggers may be just virtual people, we may perhaps never meet in real life, but your thoughts and your words mean a lot to me. They teach me, and they make me reflect upon a lot of things. They give me a new perspective on the world – one that is different from my own. Of course, there is the never-ending list of books TBR, and things to be tried that you all have introduced me to. Thank God for you guys!

2018 will have its own challenges, but we shall strive through. Goals and dreams will be achieved, as will milestones. (Blog hit counter is inching itself towards 50k!!!) And may there be more joy and happiness all around.

Hope you have a fabulous year ahead!


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