Of laughter and disillusionment; learning and hope...

Of laughter and disillusionment; learning and hope…

If you have been following this blog, you will have at some point read about my trials and tribulations with the marriage mart. And since I did commit myself, until end of the first quarter this year, to this purpose I have been looking for at prospective grooms online.

While most profiles have a succinct bio and expectations column some of them make me do a double take. And no, it is not because I’m blown away by the fellow in question. It is because of some of the stuff I read on their profile. One of the most common phrases I’ve read is “tall, slim, fair, beautiful”. Then there is “homely” or “sweet-tempered”. I honestly want to know what sweet-tempered means. Actually, I’d like to have a definition of all such expectations.

When one is a man, standing tall at five and a half feet, what does seeking a tall bride mean? IMHO I think six feet qualifies for tall. 5’10” can be borderline tall. And fair as well… Complexion, and not a lack of prejudice, seems to be a very important trait for most men and their parents. Sometimes I come across a “we have no expectations” on a profile and I can’t but think wow! What a very modern family to have given up on a practice that’s a crime in independent India.

On the whole, this exercise is a truly eye-opening one. Frustrating at times, and despite my reservations at times, it proves entertaining frequently. Unfortunately, I do not think I qualify for most of the above-mentioned traits. I am of average height, I use an NC40 and not NC15, and I’m definitely not slim. I do consider myself to be beautiful, but then I consider everyone beautiful superficially. It the personality that is sometimes ugly and vicious.(Cersei Lannister?!?)

Fortunately for me, I couldn’t care about any of this. I am my own person and comfortable in my own skin. It must take a lot of strength, courage, time and patience for someone to deal with such people, and I am not the one. No matter what becomes of this commitment I’ve taken, it may or may not lead to a successful end, this has been a learning experience so far.

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