Behind The Bookstagrammer

I’ve been blogging for a long time now. And how things have changed! The initial bloggers whom I started out with do not ‘find the time to write’. Then came a bunch of colleagues and friends of friends. They too left their blogs for other pursuits.ย 

WordPress reader has thrown up some amazing blogs my way and I’m glad to be following them. And Instagram, specifically bookstagram! A more dedicated bunch of people I know not. By dedication, I do not mean a post a day or a book a day. Dedication in the terms of reading and bookish love. Also one must note, the bookstagrammer community is a very nice place to belong. There is no cribbing or ripping others to shreds. There is help aplenty and all these good people can be counted upon for a positive vibe.

And I now know a bunch of these good people. One of them, Suraj, has tagged meย for the #behindthebookstagrammer tag. Ideally, I should have put this up on Instagram. But it got a bit too long. So, here goes…

  • 1. Nickname – Jay. It’s the first syllable of my name.
  • 2. Height – 5’5″
  • 3. Dream Job – There is no ideal dream job, but for the sake of dreaming I’m going to say it’s going to be a job with challenges, and scope of learning and growth. I’m actually terrible at this considering my past professional designations.
  • 4. A month –ย  There is one month I don’t like – August. I think it’s a random addition to the calendar. It is in a weird place where it’s not the middle nor the end of the year. July is the beginning of the second half of the year, September is closer to the last few months, and August just is in-between.
  • 5. Eye colour – Black
  • 6. Hair colour – Black
  • 7. Zodiac sign – Scorpio
  • 8. Favourite colour – Red. I also like dark blues.
  • 9. Day or night – Night. (Frost At Midnite, duh!)
  • 10. Relationship status – Single.
  • 11. Idol – I do not idolise anyone. It makes me blind to their faults and prejudice. But I do admire a lot of people. Most important of all my father and my mother.

I do like doing tags and posts like this. It gives an opportunity for everyone to get to know some important things and some not so important quirks about others. What about you? I do hope you tag yourself and link back to this post and let me know about you as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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