Week In Review – Week 3, 2018

Phew! Already three weeks into 2018…

Last week was a short week with Pongal being celebrated over 13-16. We just sat at home, ate Pongal and napped as and when the urge came over. And movies- Mersal and Aramm.

Mersal was the Vijay movie with controversial GST dialogues and what not. When there is a general ruckus over a movie I always pity our general populace. People seem to be more bothered by movie dialogues on tax while they seem to be accepting of abuse, misogyny and rape/death threats in movies. I wonder if these dialogues aren’t as derogatory or inciting as the diatribe on tax. Other than this, Mersal was a good movie – I love Nithya Menon and Vadivelu – and therefore I enjoyed it. Nithya Menon, even after putting so much weight, looks so adorable and is as always a bundle of energy. Vadivelu is Vadivelu! S J Suriya was a surprise, I haven’t seen him in movies for a long time, and he does make a remarkable character in this movie.

Aramm was Nayanthara’s movie. She single-handedly reigns over the movie. There were no dramatic fighting and things flying about sorta scenes in this movie. A very subdued, sensible and real life like movie, Aramm was a wonderful, if slow, watch.

Then I went back to books :). Two movies back to back was one too many for me. Although my Mom has been hinting at wanting to watch Bhaagmathie in the theatres as well. She has become such a huge Anushka fan after Baahubali!

So, Books. Three of the four books I read have been reviewed. The fourth one is In the Shadow of Hitler which I am still reading.  I really loved Memories of Fire from the ones I have finished. Then there was the insurance payment menace that happened over the last few months. That got resolved, finally! I paid and now have some amount of peace of mind.

That is about it. Everything else has been routine and the usual. How has your week been?

Have a good week ahead!

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