Week In Review – 5, 6 and 7!

I shall persevere! There was once a time when I could churn out this post promptly, every week. And then there will be some ridiculous incident and then I will revert to being the more complacent about it. This time it was not just a spanner but an entire toolbox that got my brain! (Perhaps, I should come up with a plan to make this a habit.🤷)

Week 5, like I wrote before, was an epic rant week when I was angry and majorly pissed off at the world. And since I am a “mature adult” I kept my temper in check and did not talk angrily. I did not talk at all. And since I was not in a chatty mood, I did not bother to be the normal self as well and spent time with books and work. So overall everyone had a very quiet time. Which must have been boring for them because now, we have all made up. 🙂

Week 6 and Week 7 were truly terrible! It began with a cold. I have already written about how I hate a cold. (Here). This time just after a few sneezes, my mother gave me a tablet. And it worked magically. I was rid of my cold overnight. Not even a sniffle in the morning. But, it did leave me with a massive headache and my sinuses were clogged and hurting like a boss. If I thought to have a cold was the worst sort of punishment, this experience made me realise having a cold was easier to deal with.

I did everything I could to get rid of it – oil pulling, nasal rinse, even massaging my face, but nothing really worked. I was still left feeling miserable with an aching head, gritty and swollen eyes. A stupid fortnight it was. Finally, I went smelling some flowers and ‘Bam!’ sneeze fest was induced and week 8 sees me back to normal.

There was the customary valentines day remembrance post which I missed, and I also missed wishing Sail this year (A decade-old romance). But, the brain was clogged enough to be excused from normal behaviour. Instead, I spent valentines day and thereabout cuddled up in bed with books. Can’t complain.

Everything is, so far, good. How is your week coming along?

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