Expectation is the root of all disappointment


All of us have known disappointment in some form, of some magnitude. It is nothing new to us. Be it the lollipop that fell onto the ground when we were so looking forward to it (this event is not restricted to childhood) or the fact that a certain item of clothing is not available in one’s size, disappointment is almost an everyday occurrence.

But if you are a biryani lover, you will understand this post and the level of disappointment I went through last night. My sister decided to treat me to biryani for dinner last night. Yay!!! And as usual, we trusted Swiggy for dealing with our whims and placed an order with Ponnuswamy hotel. A half-hour later, dinner was home. Swiggy was, as usual, all that was efficient goodness itself. And since I was the only biryani hog last night, the rest of them were happy with what they got. But for me… I opened my box with such mouth-watering expectation and… There was not a single piece of chicken present in my chicken biryani. I poked through with my spoon and found an egg, but as for a piece of meat – none! Why would someone pack a chicken biryani with no chicken? Why?? WHY!!??

Expectation is the root of all disappointment.

The disappointment, dear reader, only a biryani lover can understand. Sigh! Nevertheless, I did eat it since I do not believe in wasting food. My sister dutifully fired off an escalation to Swiggy, but the damage was done. I did not get what I expected and I was disappointed. Above all, this disappointment is one I shall bear until I can only overcome it the next time I have a good biryani.


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