Week In Review – Week 9, 2018

Nine weeks already! Where does the time go!?!?

This week started off on a rather disturbing note. Sridevi passed away on February 24. Once the news broke out there were mixed reactions. People couldn’t believe it nor did they want to believe it. But one thing was certain. Everyone had a liking for the actress. I remember seeing Mr India and Chalbaaz so many times. In fact, my sister used to watch chalbaaz so many times that I had no choice but to watch it, it used to drive me mad. Then come Monday, there were all sorts of news. Of her succumbing to a heart attack. And of course, there were many theories, most centred over how many cosmetic surgeries would have resulted in her having a heart attack. The authorities eliminated the cardiac arrest theory and then the reports came of her drowning in the bathtub. Pah! The news media went berserk. They literally were like a bunch of mongrels barking madly at every car that went their way. Suppositions and hypotheses were aplenty. Ironically, there weren’t many ‘Experts’ who contributed to this, but there were plenty of random people and journalists who indulged in feeding the frenzy.

It was a sad case when news channels had to stoop this low. I understand that Sridevi, while alive and in her death, was a popular topic. But to degrade yourself for the sake of TRP is not what journalism is about. These news channels forgot to report her death, and instead choose to degrade her memory. In the process, they also made us fools. I stopped watching the news, no matter what language, since November 2008. The coverage of the Mumbai terror attack was the last nail in the coffin. I couldn’t watch the same content that was probably giving some evil-minded person the voyeuristic pleasure of violence unfolding. If you watch the news, ask yourself this question – is this the sort of people you want giving you the news? One woman dies and they bark mad. Hundreds die, and they don’t make a sound. Are you as unsympathetic or as deranged in believing that you are being an unprejudiced, objective reporting of whats happening the world over? The news is meant to be news and not someone’s opinion on something that happened. If I wanted that, I would go the local gossips!

March sees me actively writing blog posts. I wonder why that is. Also, there is a new plan I am going to try out when it comes to the weekly reviews. I hope it works out and I can stick to it. I should probably write about it if it works out. The one thing that has changed dramatically is the Instagram usage. I haven’t used my foodstagram or my bookstagram accounts in a while. Foodstagram is ignored because mainly I eat boring food these days. Bookstagram is being ignored deliberately. I read a ton of ebooks, and so the photos are irrelevant. And the sheer effort it takes is immense. So, for the time being, I am restricting myself to reviewing books on this blog. I am not abandoning the account, just taking a leave of absence.

Sunday I went shopping. Yes, I know there is a ‘no buy’ resolution, but I bought necessities. Stickers, stationary and crochet yarn from Itsy Bitsy. Then I had to replace my face pack brush so I went to Health and Glow. And since my purchases were over Rs. 250 (I bought chocolates also), they had an offer on a sheet mask. I bought a Coony sheet mask for Rs 50 off. And now can say, I am a convert! I wonder who invented the facemask and if they have an award for it. It was an awesome experience. One I would probably repeat. For now though, since the sheet mask was still dripping with serum even after 20 mins, I put it back in its pack and in a Ziploc. It is in the refrigerator chilling until next time. Overall worth the money!

How was your past week?

Wishing you a good week ahead.

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