Happy Women’s Day

Or as I’d like to say Happy Day!!!

I do not understand many of these things, maybe I am detached that way. But it is better to celebrate eveery day instead of just allotting one day to a certain thing. Like instead of going around spreading Whatsapp forwards, and wishing all women a happy women’s day, maybe we should just strive to make their lives better. I recently read that about 80% of women in my country do not have access to good menstrual hygiene and products. Why not help make things better for them? Forget these big tasks if they are not your cup of tea. Maybe you could just hold the door open for the lady walking through, or maybe you could hold your tongue before you want to say something nasty about that one girl in your class!

Men, if you really care about women so much that you are up wishing all your female colleagues and realtives today, maybe you would let them live their lives the way they want to. The next time you want to mansplain, stop yourself. The next time you want to manspread, don’t! And please do remember chivalry is appreciated, bossing around is not.

Oh, and most importantly, ladies and gentlemen, treat the women in your lives with the respect they deserve. It is the same amount of respect you yourself deserve.

Leaving with a reminder of the universal fact

Happy Women's Day

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