Week In Review – Week 10, 2018

I am trying something new with this post…


Have you ever had a feeling of despondency that makes you think twice about getting out of bed? I know it sounds eerily like a sign of depression, but there are days when I wonder why I should get out of bed. It is mainly because I know that the day is going to be bad no matter what. I will just have to grit my teeth and put up with it.

But sometimes, I just wish I could go back to sleep and wake up on the next day. Just skip today and go to tomorrow. Sigh! And since I overthink things, and then begin to brood over, the mood lingers. Thus, Tuesday’s mood carried over into Wednesday. It was a couple of days filled deep sighs and exasperating breaths. Even as I am writing this, my father wants me to do something for someone I swore I would have nothing to do it. I may be related to this person, but I am beyond caring about them. I am notorious for cutting people off from my life. I believe that this one life we have, no one needs to deal with negativity voluntarily. There have been times when people have discouraged me or put up obstacles in my path because of silly things like my gender, or simply because they do not want me to succeed at my goal. I wonder about the reason for the latter, I haven’t figured out the answers yet. But, I do not need such negativity in my life, especially since we all live in times when hatred reigns supreme that even an act of random kindness gets reported on BuzzFeed. Therefore, I learnt to cut off people who don’t matter to me anymore.


Yay! The weekend is here. With the overall gloomy mood over, I am back again to enjoy every day as it is. Women’s day came and went. I celebrated it by eating biryani. It was also because my parents and sister were all eating dinner outside. Cooking for one person for just one meal is a tough job. And since it is my mom’s kitchen… my mom’s rather pedantic about being around when we take to puttering around in her kitchen.

I have successfully finished making next month’s Bujo as well. Somehow a thought cropped in my head. Whether I need to update my LinkedIn profile. That is my most neglected online profile ever! I created it and have let it be as is. Except for connection requests, the only real benefit I have felt is the once in a blue moon article that makes sense to me. Perhaps if I manage to complete the profile and make it more ‘professional’ I will make more sense of it. Let me think about it.


Well, it was a great conclusion to the weekend with guests pouring in. My granny’s cousin and her son visited and so did my uncle, aunt and cousin sister. Fun times. The poor child is now looking forward to her post graduation and making plans to that end. And it was time well spent discussing books and bitching about general issues over ice cream.

See what I did here. This is a new structure I am trying with this series of posts. I put up a blank draft, with all the necessary bows and whistles. And it lies in the drafts section waiting. As and when I have something to write about through the week, I edit the draft. Finally, I just check for formatting and grammar and schedule the post. This is more systematic and I do not have to worry about actually missing things out and wrack my brains thinking about the past week. Now, let’s wait and see for how long can this method needs to be practised before it can be perfected.

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