Week In Review – Week 11, 2018


A good beginning to this week. But there was a small aberration to this. You see, my Kerala matrimony profile’s premium membership ended Saturday. And the phone had been ringing non-stop. People from the service keep calling every few hours and ask about renewing. I am not interested in doing so. A free profile suits my needs well enough, and I would prefer to hog on biryani than give it to you. For all their claims of having so many profiles to choose from, I have seen two profiles for the same man, sometimes even four profiles with the same information, photos, horoscopes etc. So, if you are listening Kerala matrimony, you need to up your spam check before you harangue genuine users about renewal plans. A typically irritating Monday to begin the week!

Wednesday –

The past two days were spent in celebration. It was daddy’s birthday. Tuesday was according to the Malayalam calendar and Wednesday by the Gregorian. As per usual we made it an occasion to make sure we harangued him with hugs and cuddles. Since he didn’t want anything for a gift we didn’t get him anything. There is really no point since he will just ignore it as an unnecessary thing. The one thing that we did do was order lunch. As usual, through Swiggy. This time though we ordered food from Orange Wok. And I must tell you it was good. I have become a fan of their chilli roasted chicken and Vandi fried rice! I should probably just write a food blog post about this. I have ignored that part of the blog for a long time.

Saturday –

Yesterday was a terrible day. I woke with a dozen cymbals beating in my head. It was a rather rhythmic waltz, only I couldn’t enjoy it since it was really hurting me. Friday was a wasted day. The only thing I looked forward to the whole day was Young Sheldon on TV, but then there was only a repeat episode and nothing new. So much for that!

Since I am on a ‘no-buy’ spree, I have been wondering if I really need to buy anything new for Vishu, the Malayalam New year. I know it is still a month away, but it gives me plenty of time for planning and checking things.

Sunday –

Sigh! I read this book, A Girl Like That, and now I’m in a mood where everything is glowy yet murky. It was a disturbingly fascinating read. Where last Sunday was busy with visitors and ice-cream, this Sunday is a quiet stay at home one. Just chilling and reading. Overall a good weekend.

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