Frost’s Favourite…

Well, I have been writing about myriad things, or have I? This past weekend I was thinking if a few things. I stumbled upon this concept of a gratitude journal. I wondered if I should write one too. That thought took off tangentially and I ended up with the concept of “Frost’s Favourites”.


When I thought of the gratitude journal it was a good concept for people quite unlike me. Some days I want to be as much as ‘Carrie’ and annihilate the world and there is nothing in the world I could be grateful for during a temper tantrum. It just wouldn’t do for me. On the other hand, it might if I do plan to take it up, curb my temper. I may end up a sickeningly sweet version of myself. I gasp and shudder at this thought. Thus popped the concept of Frost’s Favourites into my head. This is a collection of my absolute favourites be it books I have read, music, food, films, fashion, and most scarcely people. I shall endeavour to make this a routine. At the moment though, I have lined up a list of books that I absolutely love for whatever reason I fancy. And no these aren’t perhaps of world acclaim, but the stuff I personally cherish. Mayhap it just provides a tiny little window into my soul.

Let’s see how this endeavour will go. *fingers crossed*

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