I had to write a post for this milestone I’ve achieved or rather this blog has achieved. Frost At Midnite now has over 50000 views. Frost At Midnite is over ten years old on WordPress so it may look like a very insignificant number as an average. But I don’t care. Considering that I actually went a few years without blogging in this time period, I do consider this an achievement.

Frost At Midnite is a very private space as far as I am concerned. Yes, I review stuff and share those posts on different online platforms, but it still remains my very own personal space for ranting and raving. All the gibberish that sometimes clutter my brain ends up here. I share things on this blog that I have perhaps not discussed with another living soul. There are so many reasons why I really love this blog, I could go on and on.

When I started blogging around 12 years ago, it was just between friends. My friends would stop by and read stuff, comment and we’d discuss things. Then the audience grew to include colleagues and peers. I transitioned from Blogspot to WordPress and it was a great beginning once again. Over time the original crowd waned away and now there are nameless, faceless people from all over the world who drop by and read Frost At Midnite, all of them fellow bloggers who enjoy blogging. I couldn’t be happier. Everyone has had something to tell me that they perhaps wouldn’t have said verbally. And everyone has had something to teach me as well.

I couldn’t be more grateful to you, dear reader, for this is a great boost to keep me writing here. Thank you!!!

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