Week In Review – Week 12, 2018

Saturday –

Three months done, almost… and as they say time does fly. I remember my English teacher, Mrs Saguna, telling us March marches away and before you know April has you fooled! At that time it was an advice for us looking forward to our final exams in school life. With the prospect of college looming ahead it was perhaps a caution that we may or may not heeded. Now though, in adulthood, we feel time slipping away. There are those who live in the moment and feel happy and mindful, then there are those of us who lament the passage of time and are happy about it.

How was my week – it was good. There would be many who would classify it as mundane, but the lack of any special happening was what made it good. I read a good book, then I read one of my favourite books so that went great. Nothing else happened worth a mention. I did start watching a new series, Shameless. I am a bit ambiguous about it. I feel like it wouldn’t be the most satisfying of shows, but here I am seven episodes done in season one.

Once in a while, we really need to appreciate the peace and quiet that comes along with absolutely nothing happening around us.

Sunday –

To make some noise I decided to change up the look of this blog. Nothing drastic, just some cosmetic changes. There is now a new banner, a background and a new site icon. I did change the background because it was becoming a bit too heavy with all the images. So now, there is a subtle background. I didn’t want to leave it plain, so something had to be done. Next came the banner. Which I figured would do no harm but reiterate the blog and who it belongs to – me and mine! I decided to be narcissistic enough to put my name on there for the world to see that this is my space. The site icon is just a small change, nothing big. I was wondering if I needed to change the theme of the blog as well, but this one works really well, why would I want to disrupt the equilibrium.

Oh! All this fidgeting was due to the excitement caused by seeing blog stats… Frost At Midnite has now crossed over 50,000 views. I must thank everyone who has visited here, read the posts, commented, liked and followed this blog over the past ten years. What started off with just friends, then colleagues, the audience is now fellow bloggers from around the world. I do not know them personally but I do believe they are really good people for their words and their encouragement portray this nature. This encouragement is truly grand despite its simplicity. Again, thank you!

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