Week in Review – Week 14, 2018

Monday –

There is an important topic on which I had to update the progress on and I may have left it out for the past few weeks. That topic will be of the matrimonial madness. I did section off the first quarter of this year and made a commitment towards this purpose. I even looked and chose a few profiles from Kerala Matrimony and forwarded them to my parents. Here’s what happened. My parents did send a message through the system to a few of those profiles. And that’s all. No response. There is, of course, the option of responding to the message or declining it. Once a message is declined the sender understands that you are not interested. But, a no response is the worst of communication there can be.

Then there are the messages and interests I’ve received. I have not liked any so far, and I’ve promptly declined those. No purpose in delaying a response and leaving the sender in limbo. Finally last week, despite my having said no, my parents have renewed the membership for my profile for another quarter. Only this time I am not sure if I want to spend time on the site. The past quarter was a total waste of my time in this regard.

Sunday –

Alright! It’s the season of cricket madness again. After two years, we are watching the IPL – No CSK, No IPL. And yesterday’s match was all sorts of epic. CSK won of course, and what a win! It looked very bleak until the end there, but Dwayne Bravo really did save the day. And Kedar Jadav as well. Well, if you haven’t heard of the yellow fever or the whistle podu army or the yellow army, I can’t explain it. Chennai is gripped, and just seeing those yellow t-shirts out on the streets yesterday was joyous. A sight unseen for two years. All this ruckus was for an away match, can’t wait for the home match on Tuesday!


Also, I have eating clean. I mean not cold turkey on chocolate and cake,  but more veggies. And hitting walking goals like a champ for a couple of weeks now. Now, my body has started to change. Forget the weight loss or losing inches. My body is not in sync with my heart in one way – food! Like I usually eat out once a week, and now I don’t like it or rather I like it, but my tummy doesn’t. And thus I don’t feel happy in the end. I have evidently stumbled upon a vicious circle. Sigh!

That’s about all that happened this past week. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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