Week In Review – Week 15, 2018

I don’t know whether the part of the world you live in is sunny. But my corner of the world is sunny and bright. It’s hot and humid as well. It feels like someone is hammering your head with a hot mallet while your brain’s slowly evaporating. All the signs that Chennai summer has truly begun.

While that is a very troubling thing for everyone who ventures out during the day, there are obvious benefits also. Like your laundry is crisped up in a couple of hours. And even more happy circumstance is the season also marks the bounty available in the stores – MANGOES! They are all over the place and I’ve already indulged😁😁. Also, jackfruits, though not so readily available.

Tuesday’s CSK match was all sorts of awesome, wasn’t it? Excellent playing by both teams and in the end the best team won.

Thursday –

Bah! Every muscle hurts. This Sunday is Vishu, the new year for Malayalees world around. And I have been cleaning the house like a woman obsessed. Today, I spent about 6 hours cleaning up the living, dining and kitchen and Oh the joy! It was quite a workout but the shine and sparkle are totally worth it. It is also the only time at home when people at home leave me alone since I can be a bit of a monster when someone messes with me when I am cleaning. Cleaning always makes me happy, like I’ve accomplished something. Over the past two days, the house with, except the puja room has been cleaned up. That bit is for the last. I’ll probably tackle it off on Saturday and get to putting finishing touches as well. All of this cleaning will totally compensate the sadya on Sunday! I shall be putting up a picture of the meal next week.

Oh, it’s a pity that the CSK home matches in Chennai have been shifted off to Pune. What a shame!

Friday –

I can hardly keep myself awake. The urge to aestivate is slowly taking over, and to beat the heat I really want to sleep the summer away. But I stayed awake. Not even a li’l nap in the afternoon. Instead, I made a little update on the blog – there is now a contact form. I have o expectations for people to use it, but it does add a certain charm to the blog. I also updated my about me page, just added a few more words than there were. This effort makes today productive. Because it has already touched thirty-five degrees and I am sweating like a pig. Chennai with all its goodness has hellish summers. Especially now after Vardah ripped away a lot of the trees, the want for shade and cooling is a lot.

Monday –

I am going to delay this post by a day or two. Sunday being Vishu, all I did was eat. Earlier in the day, we went to the temple and when outside waiting for the car, everyone was doing a hop-dance. The sun was beating down upon all of us, and the road was so hot, it was a miracle we got away with blisters and not half-baked feet.

The food was awesome. We booked a sadya from Ente Keralam, at Kasturi Rangan road and got it back home. After that it was only apt to fall asleep, sugar highs are best enjoyed by a nap. I am posting off pictures of our Vishu Kani and the Sadya.

Vishu Kani
Vishu Kani
Vishu Sadya
Vishu Sadya

Monday was another awesome day because I met my best friends. We’d originally planned to meet up at Soy Soi, but since it was closed, we went to Ciclo. And then later for ice cream at Amelie’s.

Amelie's, Chennai



This week was awesome – it was filled with a lot of productivity and meeting great people and eating good food. What more can a person ask for!


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