Week In Review – Week 16, 2018


It can’t just be me, right? I have spent the past two days searching my home after not finding change anywhere. I have run out of tens & twenties and so has everyone at home. On Monday when I met up with friends, we were discussing the same issue since we had difficulty paying cab fares. When I was getting back home, I asked the driver if he had change for 500, and he told me he hasn’t seen lower denomination notes in a while. What is happening!?!?!?!? Where has the money gone? This is such a nuisance. Either there should be enough newly printed notes in circulation or they should have not removed the old ones without ensuring there were enough to compensate. I hope whoever is hoarding notes or just about sitting their asses on the bundles of them rots in hell for the difficulty that we are all going through. How am I to shop for eggs if all I have is a 500 rupee note and the shopkeeper also has no change available to dispense? Sometimes, I wish there was someone somewhere who was prudent enough to foresee such inconveniences that the general public has to go through. It makes no sense to blame the politicians in this regard since they don’t have to pay for a thing!


Well, I discovered a twitter bot and then went about creating one for this blog as well. Why you ask – because I was getting tired of scheduling things on Hootsuite. Finally, I got it done and it is online! Feeling slightly proud and majorly relieved. You can find the whole story about it here – Frost’s Bot.


Have I really been busy to update this post or did I just forget it? I guess it was more the later and less of the former. It was a whole lot of excitement and work that kept me busy these past few days. The baby sister has not been feeling well, and thus it was a dull few days for all of us. You may think it to be something serious, it was nothing of the sort. We are just a family where everyone loves everyone. Very the legs of a chair. If one of us is a bit wobbly, the entire equilibrium gets affected. But, things are looking up now and she’s back to work.

Oh, did you read the blog post on World Book Day, if not here it is – World Book Day.

Well, there is nothing else to report, except have you noticed the slight formatting changes that I have been making to the posts? Of course, you have. I am just tweaking things around till I am satisfied with the end result.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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