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Week In Review – Week 19, 2018


I’ve just revived my bookstagram account. The problem was the lack of shelf space and the ease of an ebook made me read far more ebooks than paperbacks or hardcovers. The joy that proper book brings is not available. The smell and the feel of crisp paper are lost, but ebooks do possess a charm of their own.

Let’s not debate which is better, for I love books, in all its forms. I have yet to try out the audiobook but that’s for later when my sight begins to fail.

Since reviving the bookstagram account, I’ve had some changes to make. There’s a new profile picture of course. Then figuring out how to make a post for an ebook. I am still working out different methods. But for the print books, I have had one or two backgrounds that I made on a sketchbook that has served me faithfully. To diversify I’ve made four new sheets as well. Monday and Tuesday were spent happily.

Let me know if you want a tutorial on this.


This week so far seems to be about backgrounds. Well now that I got done with the paper and paints, I was thinking about how to post on Instagram about all the ebooks that I have read. I figured out a way. You see I discovered Canva a long time back. And then there’s Pexels and Pixabay. Once I get the book cover, I used to upload it as is. Recently though I did this.


Not too impressive, but it works. Now I am reading this book Circe, and it is all sorts of amazing. And I wanted to make a post worthy of it. So I made this.

Circe Instagram

The background is actually from Pexels, then I uploaded it onto Canva and aligned the book cover onto the tablet. The flowers are a part of a template that was available free from Creative Market. This is the finished product. I do feel a little guilty about it since I could have done a great job without these templates if my tablet was still alive. But until I get another I shall have to use these means to get by.

Which one do you prefer?


Well, let’s face it – at this rate, I’m never going to be able to finish Circe. And I really don’t want to either. I started the book a while back and I am still only a halfway through. I won’t say it is a cumbersome read. It has been interesting. And I am rejoicing it. But I have to acknowledge that I am taking my own sweet time with it.


And the week’s gone by. Mother’s Day was good for us. As per usual there was a doodle, and Mother’s Day gifts. Since our toaster stopped working, I bought her a toaster and a little fan, for when she works in the kitchen. This time my sister and I decided to let mummy chill for the day and no cooking was done. It could have been more sensible to prepare a meal for her, but she’s the sort of person who supervises every ten seconds and the goal of her taking it easy would have been difficult then. So take out it was. And as per usual Swiggy it was.


Then there were two CSK matches this weekend. One was lost and one was won, getting the team qualified.

I also finished Circe yesterday. Such a wonderful book; I’ll post the review soon. Speaking of reviews, Samatha Duffy from Modern Witch’s Bookshelf has this awesome series of posts – mini-reviews. (You can find them here.) Often I’ve had trouble sharing reviews about books I can’t write more than a few words about. So I just post a little snippet on Goodreads and/or online retailers. Samantha’s mini-review posts are an excellent idea and I am going to be trying my hand at it sometime soon.

That’s about all that has happened this week.

Have a great week ahead!

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