Week In Review – Week 22, 2018

After the past two weeks, this one seems to begin on a more nicer note. Everyone at home is better and recuperating nicely.

Tuesday was a hellish day. The temperature shot up like mad and we were subject to the unrelenting sun. Now, I had to venture out to get my debit card activated. You remember how I had written about getting my mom’s activated, well mine is from the same bank as well – Indian Bank. Normally, everyone sends you the card and it had a pin available. But these people have a “green pin”. You need to take your card to the ATM machine and generate an OTP. Once you have that on hand, you can set your pin. Sounds simple right? It is not! I speak from the experience of doing it for two cards. (and helping three others at the ATM counter)

First, generating OTP – I tried a dozen times before I got one sent to the phone for my mom. Then I could set the pin. For my card though, it has been two weeks and I still haven’t been able to generate the OTP. The ATM asks you to key in your account number, twice to verify. And what do you know, it says I have selected the wrong account type. There was no such option was there? I did what the machine asked of me and then it throws a completely unrelated error message!

Best is I have tried to do this at six different ATMs near me, all to the same result. Excellent banking facilities. And to top it all, yesterday and today all bank employees are on strike for a pay hike. Of course, they want better pay when we get shitty service.


It is my turn to get a cold. And I hate it. The feeling of a blocked nose, itchy throat and clogged ears… ugh! But I am tacking it with oil pulling, and Cold Act. I have been asked to take lozenges as well, but I prefer Polo or Orbit’s sweet mint gum. Somehow my throat feels more soothed after these. Then there’s cold food – soups and fiery Chettinad chicken and pepper egg fry. These are the best part of having a cold!


Late again in posting this off. An excellent week went by. Even if I was a bit sick, I got stuff done. I was tired, but the feeling of getting things done even when you really don’t want to is awesome. Anyway, I had a good week.

Here is what is slated for June.

Remember how I wrote about a Mini-Review series by Modern Witch’s Bookshelf? Well, I did think it was a really cool idea and wanted to do something along the same line. And I figured while I do read more than a book a week, writing a mini-review every week, or even every fortnight will be impossible. I would have an utmost one or two every post. Completely not worth it. So I’ve figured I’d do one mini-review post every month, starting this month. Oh, and I’ve been slacking on Frost’s Favourites as well, haven’t I? I have got to do that as well.

Oh, and there is an epic rant coming up, because Amazon is not letting me post reviews on any of the products I’ve bought. And worse, all of my previous reviews have vanished as well. 😒

Lots to look forward to and hoping I get these things done!

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