Book Review – Stalker by Lisa Stone

There are times when a book teaches you something. And it is often. Stalker by Lisa Stone is a book that will give a lesson and make you want to take a look at things. Read on to know what.

Stalker starts off with a break-in. A family home is broken into and the man is hit on his head. They want to install surveillance cameras and ask around for quotes. Finally, they give Home Security their business. Derek Flint runs the business single-handedly and does his best. He along with an apprentice install the camera and set it up. The family feel safe once again.

But Derek has another face. Back home, where he lives with his mother, he monitors all of the places he has set up surveillance for. Unbeknownst to the client, he looks into their life. In his head, they are his friends and family. He knows their favourite chocolates and vacation plans. Creepy!

A spate of crimes, break-ins, abductions, assault, rapes happen in the neighbourhood. It means food business for Derek. As Beth Mayes investigates these crimes, she finds a common link – Home Security. Derek is now a suspect and once the cops are onto him, weird facts begin to surface.

Stalker by Lisa Stone Review by Frost At Midnite

The one fact, glaring at us in the face, from this book is the information we share online. While the internet seems like a moderately safe place, it is most often not. A simple search can reveal your home plan, what car your drive and your mortgage details as well. If someone wanted to look at you all they would need is to hack into your phone or laptop and they’d have a prime view of wherever you are. Imagine some stranger looking at your life that close.

What Derek was doing was relatively benign. He installed the cameras that he looked through. But he was as much a victim as he was a villain. His system gets hacked and he falls prey to the perpetrators of these crimes. All of whom have learnt to use the internet to satisfy their inner demons. It is a truly weird thing this invention of mankind, the internet. As helpful as it is destructive. One has to be able to handle it with caution. It is very easy for someone to get sucked into the dark corners of the world wide web.

Stalker is one of those few crime thrillers that will make you want to check up on yourself. While a horror may make you want to check underneath your bed or in the closet, Stalker will make you check and recheck your online security and change your passwords.

Stalker is definitely worth a one time read.

You can find a copy of Stalker here – Amazon, Kobo


StalkerStalker by Lisa Stone

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