Week In Review – Week 23, 2018

Hello! Is anything crazy happening there? Well, there is some weird activity happening here. Last week when I randomly checked my blog stats, it was insane. My blog stats were showing weirdly high numbers. I mean they are going on into three digits every day, for a few days. Consistently!

Now, this is good news and bad news for me. Good because as a blogger, it shows that my traffic is increasing as I have been blogging consistently (and relevantly?). My posts are being indexed and, for whatever reasons, people are dropping by. Bad news because There Are More People Reading! Now, that gives me jitters. I know a few of you who drop by, at least I have gotten to know you from your blogs or other social media platforms. Or I know you in real life. But who are these new people who are reading this blog?

Best case scenario – they are random strangers surfing the internet looking for stuff to read. Worst Case – my older relatives have discovered my blog and are dropping by every day, reading and making notes. Just so I am held accountable the next time we meet. Either way, an increase is stats is not something I am going worry over. Numbers are simply irrelevant unless it is WRT finance.

Tuesday saw me going to the bank. Again. This time it was to get my debit card working. Two weeks and my card, though activated can’t be used. I tried and tried to set a pin through the ATM machine and no, it threw up and error. Now, once you swipe a card it asks you for your account number. Then you’ve to re-enter it so as to verify. Then it asks to generate an OTP. Three simple steps. But the machine keeps throwing me an error saying I’ve chosen the wrong account. Where in all these steps was the choice given to me? I went to the bank and they didn’t know what was wrong either. In case you are someone who works with ATMs and networks please explain. Such a terrible experience.

Oh, and did you know that there were six ATMs of the bank within five kilometres? I verified. Personally went to each and checked the stupid card.

Sunday was an awesome day. We made our Father’s Day celebrations on Sunday. My parents, my li’l sister and me went to Soy Soi for lunch. The food was great and the ambience, wait staff everything was most excellent. A truly wonderful experience. I shall be writing a review about this place soon.

I know I am a day late in posting this review. But, what with uncle stopping by, and me going out, the whole day went by. Therefore this post is a day late. 😐

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