Week In Review – Week 24, 2018

The unending saga of the bank card is back. I went again this week to my Indian Bank branch and it was all still the same. Only there was another person with the same problem. Finally, FINALLY, the manager took down our account and card details and our phone numbers. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon. 🤷

Phew, that done, my afternoons were busy with my uncle stopping by almost every day. My cousin is writing exams at a college nearby and he comes home to chill until it’s time to pick her up again. Schools have begun the academic year and everyone in the neighbourhood kids have gotten busy. With this weekend being a long one, there are plenty of screams and excitement in the air.

And I did something spontaneous. I cut my hair. I chopped it off from some thirty inches to less than twenty. It felt a bit lighter. But I did not take one thing into account. With that weight gone, my hair now is gravity defying and has curled up. Looks good though. And this is the shortest I’ve gone in over a decade. So, it truly is a makeover in a way.

Saturday had me shopping with my sister. Then we went on to Benjarong for lunch. If you haven’t yet been, it’s a great place! We’ve been there before and you can find a review of that time here. Maybe I’ll add this trip’s experience as an update.

Sunday being Father’s Day, we ended up ordering dessert through Swiggy. From Cafe de París. Their cakes and pastries are simply superb. If I had to pick places with the best pastries in Chennai, it’d have to be Cafe de París and Zuka. They are difficult to rank since they are quite different actually. But these two places are the best.

That’s how my week went. What with my right wrist hurting a bit, and my right knee giving me trouble for the past days there has been no exercise. Add to that the desert and the eating out… 😐. My no shopping spree was broken as well since I bought shoes. On the whole, I did have a great week, even if I shall beginning Week 25 with a tinge of guilt. Only that guilt makes me want to stick to my resolutions more diligently.

Here’s what I bought, totally worth it I think.


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