Week In Review – Week 29, 2018

This one is going to be a short and sweet recap. Last week was mostly meh. The temperature has been on the rise and we are all being slow roasted alive. The past week also concluded with a shopping trip and I am happy to report that I did not buy anything other than hairpins. (Yay!) That is about it from the personal front.

But, something major happened last week which has sent shockwaves all over the city. We all woke up to the news that an eleven-year-old girl was abused for over seven months by more than 20 men. You can read about it here. All the men involved were employed in the apartment complex with more than three hundred apartments. It blows my mind that not even one of them witnessed an untoward behaviour by these men towards the child. I mean, have we not noticed a person looking at someone the wrong way and warned them? Not even the child’s family was aware of what was happening all these months. It is absolutely disgusting to realise that anyone living or working in that complex would let this issue go unnoticed. How can human beings turn a blind eye towards a child’s plight? Whatever be the case, the damage is done and all of us will forever hang our heads in shame. There are those who blame the parents, but I feel the one thing they should have done is to make sure the child was comfortable to talk to them no matter what. Each and every parent needs to make sure that the child has a person they can confide in, even when threatened with death.

Meanwhile, in Tamil BiggBoss, a few contestants are every weekend harping on about Tamil culture. And Kamal Haasan seems to be lapping it up and adding to his political image. But dear reader, most of (if not all) of the accused in this crime belong to this culture. This talk came about when one female contestant sat cross-legged and accidentally her foot brushed this male contestant. And the man obviously had his pride and ego hurt. But how come all of the criminals who raped and threatened the child over and over again are not a blight upon the Tamil culture. Such prejudice! It is time to go back to Manu Needhi Cholan‘s time.

That’s all.

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