Week In Review – Week 30, 2018

Thirty weeks have gone already! Time is just running away, isn’t it? And I have, this year, kept going with this weekly review project. Yay!

Here’s how week thirty went by.

There wasn’t much planned other than the usual but on Monday a friend from college pinged asking for a meetup. Which we planned for Wednesday. But what do you know, I had to cancel since I had a work thing come up. I spent that afternoon checking out typos and formatting and correcting it when I should have been eating out. Never mind, there’s always next time.

The rest of the week went by and boom just as the weekend was beginning, Friday evening there were rumours abounding about M.Karunanidhi’s death. All sorts of things being said – he passed away, he was going to die tonight. Pah! We’ve been hearing these things on and off over the last decade at least.

But the consequence is that when rumours are flying here and there, people get caught in it. Cabs and autos become an unreliable source of transport. No one wants to go anywhere. Traffic jams. Whatnot. It becomes a mess on the whole. He is still alive though. So much for all speculation and inconvenience that people had to endure. The next time there are rumours, best to verify them beforehand. I wonder what joy people find in spreading such rumours.

I wrote the last paragraph and then went to have my dinner and watch BiggBoss Tamil. At that time again there were news reports of Karunanidhi’s health deteriorating and a while later they said he has improved. Obviously, Monday is not going to be an easy day in Chennai.

And whatever I wanted to write in this post flew right out of my head, it’s just the anxiety kicking in.

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