Week in Review – Week 31, 2018

August is here. Let it be known that August is the month I like least. I’d rather just skip the entire month and step into September in style. But here we are in August, again.

I’ve always had a problem with August. I don’t know why. It just has been a nonsensical thing. I shan’t crib about it, but I know for sure that this month will be relatively less productive. I shall be disinterested and overall nonchalant with everything. This in turn tends to come out as a sluggishness in demeanour. Sigh!

This past week was an okish week only. The most shocking was one of my math student getting a single digit mark in his test. This guy had studied well, but in an eerie twist his answer sheets were not tied properly. All that remained was a single sheet. What rotten luck! Poor thing. I am sure he will ensure that he’s stapled it, tied it and maybe even twice henceforth.

Well, then there was DMK leader’s deteriorating health. Still no news from that front. Chennai waits in limbo untill the next spate of rumours.

Chennai also had a nice few rainy evenings last week. It was great. I love the rains. And it’s just perfect for snuggling up with books. I’ve just (re)started penny Reid’s Winston brothers series. Romance and some mystery.

August’s sluggishness may also come into effect here. I shall be putting up posts as and when since I have a ton of reviews I have to write. So I shall draft them up this month. Hopefully.

That’s all. 🙂 Have a great week ahead.

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