Week In Review – Week 32, 2018

Such a lazy bum I have become! I completely let the past week go by without even bothering to make a draft about it. Pah! I blame it on lethargic August.

Anyway, this last week was really boring. Last Tuesday, M Karunanidhi passed away. Then we had a holiday on Wednesday. Tuesday was chaos. Wednesday even more so. There was no planning or a clear structure. We saw a similar incident in December 2016 when J Jayalalithaa passed away. That was a well planned and the law and order was not compromised. This time though there were isolated incidents of violence and people went berserk. Those of us who stayed indoors were happy to watch the funeral events on TV.

Now while I wrote about Jayalalitha’s death, I shall not be doing so for Karunanidhi. He was a great leader, but then as someone who followed in the footsteps of Anna his later years seemed to be amassing wealth in the names of all of his relatives. A man is nothing if not for his principles. Then there was the ruckus about not giving him a space on the marina. After all the hoo-hah, he was buried in the marina after the court intervened. I do hope that this is the last of the burials/memorials in the marina. Pretty soon there will be a power struggle within that party as well and then there are the elections to look forward to next year. Interesting things can be expected.

Hmmm… The other interesting thing is I spilt a perfume and the noxious fumes gave me a bad throat. I still can’t find my voice after a week. But it is getting better.

Oh, then there was a phone call. Now, I normally do not like talking over the cell phone. But this person was a talker. And that call lasted sixty-two minutes. SIXTY TWO! That is approximately how much action my cell phone gets in two months. It must be said I do not know this person personally. And what they said was about fifty per cent unbelievable. They were obviously making things up, but that’s their wish. As it is mine to not take their calls. This person is mighty clingy. And I like my space. I have very few people whom I call friends. I can count on one hand how many people I actually would include amongst my close friends. And this person is always, “you never reply”, “you never call”. And this when I do not even know them! I know of them, yes, but I do not know them, And I do not want to as well after that call. It was not an entirely genuine conversation and that made my decision easier.

People tend to want to put air out everything these days and maybe even make things up to make their personas even more lustrous. Truth is though that keeping things simple definitely has its charm.

That is about all that happened in my life the past week.

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