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Week In Review – Week 33, 2018

The past week was horrifying. Even as I call Chennai home, I have never forgotten that I am a Malayalee. My family may have migrated away from Kerala, but we still hold our traditions and values close to our hearts.

And that heart was very heavy this past week. All we saw was devastation in the state of Kerala. With heavy rains, rivers in spate, and dams opening up there was water everywhere. The roads flooded and people’s homes were inundated. In a matter of hours, or days in other places, the waters submerged the ground floors and began rising higher. Bridges were washed away. Landslides were plenty and those who stood helpless were millions. Some of the photos I share here will haunt me for life. All images sourced from the internet.

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Thankfully, as of Saturday, the rains have stopped. Rescue operations are underway and help is pouring in from all corners of the world. I am sharing the link below if you want to help. Please remember that this was not just a city or two, but an entire state that has lived through hell these past couple of weeks. Every little bit counts.

Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund – https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/

Goonj – http://goonj.org/

You can find other means to contribute here.

As always, when there is a disastrous event, people step up to help. Social media was flooded with messages and tweets asking for help or giving information about it. Some even collated his information to help others. I am thankful to each and everyone involved in this endeavour. These are the people who reaffirm one’s belief in humanity.

Then there are the hate mongers. I read a tweet where one person says not to donate or help people in Kerala as they have sent people to join ISIS. Now, maybe a handful or let’s say even a hundred have gone. Does that mean you condemn every other soul, including babies? Most of these arguments and discriminations are solely based on religion.

Sunday morning, following a week of calling up our relatives and checking with friends about their relatives, a very dear friend of mine and me were discussing this hate mongering. She and I do not belong to the same religion. As we were talking about it, I remembered something that my paternal grandfather (Vi of the RaVi) told me. He told me that God is like water. In English one calls it water, in Hindi – paani, in Malayalam – véllam, in Tamil – thanni. In European languages, it becomes agua, eau, Wasser. No matter how different they sound, they all mean the same thing. The thirst we feel does not differ either. Every human feels thirst the same way. And a drink of water when one has a parched throat, it is as delightful to a Christian as it is to a Hindu or a Muslim or a Jew or an atheist! Religion is nothing but the language we pray in. When religion becomes a business, a propaganda comes into place. Everyone must realise this. Though it is a pity not many do.

Honestly, I don’t know where the week went since it was like one continuous nightmare. I decided I need a little bit of self-care and gave myself a manicure. Nothing like a hot pink nail colour to pop things up. That is about all that I have to write.

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