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Week In Review – Week 35, 2018

This review got delayed as I did not even open my laptop for the past three days. With both my mom and dad falling sick, it was chaos at home. The smell of cough syrup and a dining table scattered with tablets and prescriptions have been the norm. Not to worry though, since they are both recovering from their fevers. But has anyone ever noticed that even in a fevered, delirious state mother always know when there is a mess that has not been cleaned! If my mom could have gotten off her bed, she would have promptly dealt with it. If she her throat didn’t hurt, she would have ordered us to clean up immediately. Instead, she just glared. That proves the extent of her recuperation. Same with dad.

Last Monday was hectic. Plenty of things to do and I got them all done. And in the middle of it all, I was asked for a resume. My last resume was at least five years old. And imagine my plight when I had to make one afresh. But I persevered. My new resume is a much lighter one than any of my previous. While in the past I may have written a lot about the things I did, this one was a little too nonchalant. I really couldn’t be bothered to put into words all of it. I mean a resume does get only a few seconds of attention, and no one is going to read through it all. So, only a few bullet points and nothing more. Besides, I do not really care about the magnificence of someone’s resume. It could be a brilliantly verbose one, that makes someone shine like a diamond of the first order, but it need not necessarily make them the best person for the job. In my opinion.

Last week also had me stumbling across a youtube video, a TedX video. Someone called Dandapani explains the concept of focus and how to get better at it. A remarkably simple concept – how to focus. As easy as it sounds, it is as difficult. Here is the video.

All said and done, mastering one’s mind is a tough task. Where to begin and how to go about it – one will find a dime a dozen tips and tricks about it all. But choose one or figure out a routine that suits you.

Also, last week was Janmashtami. Or Krishna Jayanthi – the day that Krishna was born. Obviously one can read about the dark-skinned god on the internet. But it is one of my favourite festivals. In the southern part of the country, it is celebrated quite differently from the north. After a thorough cleaning of the house, we deck up our puja rooms and then using rice flour/ rice paste draw little feet. This starts from our doorstep all the way into the puja room. The bigger the house, the more your effort. It symbolises that baby Krishna has come to your house.

I know there are plenty of more glamorous festivals in my country and my faith, but this is one of the most sedate ones. There is no noise or firecrackers. We light lamps, eat prasadam and pray. That’s all. And it is why I like it. Perhaps, why I think Diwali is overrated and do not like it at all. The chaos is unnecessary. The joy is very internal and no one gasps aloud if you haven’t gone shopping yet. Most festive seasons are overrated in that way.

That was all that happened last week. Hoping you are having a good week so far.

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