Week In Review – Week 36, 2018

Last week was sickness week. Mum fell ill, dad fell ill and over all there was gloom at home. And what better way for me to get over it than to read.

I turned to one of my favourite romance authors, Maya Banks. And re-read her McCabe trilogy. I know there are more than a few intense books that Maya Banks has written, but this sort of thing is more my cup of tea when my cold heart wants a li’l warmth.

The past week also had me fuming about a Twitter conversation. More on that in a separate post. And amongst all this, is the tipping of the weight scale. All that eating over the past weeks has me worried. Onam, mom’s birthday, Krishna Jayanthi… one after the other in a matter of a few weeks. And this week we have Ganesh Chathurthi as well. All we do is eat this season. My friend, Anju Jaison, and I have decided to be more dedicated in this regard and try to sneak at least a walk every day. We are holding each other accountable. After just a couple of days, it is nice to see some little decrease.

Oh… and MasterChef Australia starts airing today. Right at 9 PM. The hour reserved for BIggBoss Tamil. There may be a frustrating fight for the remote at home. Hee hee!


That’s about all there was. Have a great week ahead!

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