Week In Review

Damn it! I have gone and done it again, haven’t I? No posts for weeks now, tsk tsk.

It was not intentional at all. You see when I should have been busy noting down interesting things to report on my weekly blog post, I have been lying down and spending my time in bed. All because of a pain in my back.

It started with a pulled muscle, and I gave it a couple of days to become alright. Only I didn’t know the damned thing would get aggravated when I went off on a cleaning spree. The next week was spent applying balms, and hot water foments. One would think that it would become better! It did, but I couldn’t just let it be now, could I!?!?

I went and hurt my back again. All in all, over to weeks now of being laid low with an aching back. I feel old now!

It is amazing that our bodies are made of so many different muscles and organs and nerves and other things, that we do not realise it until one of them makes us realise their presence.

Anyway, since sitting around on a bench seat makes my back hurt a bit, I have not been blogging much. As usual, there are plenty of drafts, but I need my workspace to format and finally be happy with it to post them here. Until then, happy blogging!

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