Week In Review – Week 42, 2018

The week went by with Navaratri celebrations ending. Everyone had their golus and sundals. Most excellent in every way. But our neighbours had a very different approach to this. They had a homam every single day of this period. This year since Navaratri was eleven days, they had a homam for all eleven days. And it was not the ordinary kind.

Lord knows what they burnt in the fire, all of us has our eyes watering and noses blocked. Even today I am stuck with a clogged nose, itchy throat, and a headache. My neighbours are generally good, but there are times when they trouble the neighbourhood. For those of you who don’t know, what a homam is – here.

Then there was the watching of the TV. Everyone was hooked because of the Sabarimala issue. While I am all for equality and all, this issue was just blown way out of proportion. And most women who turned up seemed to be having an abject lack of regard with the traditions of the temple. No irumudi, no black clothes, no regard at all. They seemed to have come just to cause trouble. Meanwhile, believers have stayed away. Even my uncle who makes the pilgrimage every year decided not to go this year. It is a pity that people like him have to give up because those with vested interests have made an issue of belief. When politics plays havoc with religion and when religion plays a role in politics, we are headed for difficult times!

Bah, my head hurts!


Well, one would think I planned to post this one on Monday itself. Well, Monday was very very productive you see. I managed to repair our vacuum cleaner, a fan and a table lamp. Tinkering with screws and wires is always oddly satisfying. But, what took most of my day was something else. When I moved the vacuum cleaner, a lizard showed its presence! Suffice to say, everyone in the vicinity was made aware of it. After an hour of trying to get rid of it, my mother swept it out of our house. Phew! I can not tolerate those things, all slimy and creepy.

Anyway, while I was throwing a tantrum and screaming my throat raw, my father sat there, stoic as ever, reading the papers. While my mother was busy running around with a broom and dustpan. My dad may be my superhero at times, but so too is my mom. Each in their own lovable way.

So here I am much composed than yesterday and happy to post.

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