Week In Review – Week 43, 2018

Well, another week gone by. Actually, this one might as well be a post on how my October went. It was useless!

Well, the culmination to this past week was a shopping trip for odds and ends. Then I gave my birthday treat. Got lunch delivered and ended it with ice cream. Which did give me a headache and I slept like the dead for a few hours.

Anyway, what made October not so great – I did not plan for it. I did not make an October Bujo and it was hell. I had to stop myself from ripping my hair off. The feeling of utter desperation coming from not planning and not knowing things is awful. It should also explain the lack of posts on this blog.

Anyway, I am setting things up for November, which happens to be the birthday month! But, since birthday treat is already done with I am striving to quit outside food beginning this month. Hopefully, I shall succeed.

The one thing this awful October has been good for is revisiting all those old books. And I have made a great many points on Google Fit as well since I have all that unplanned mess making me stress out and as a result, I walk off the stress. Good things have happened despite the chaos.

Here’s looking forward to a great November.

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