November 6

Google and rescue operation
What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The last thing I searched for was a temple website. Why? Because I had already bookmarked that page and it was not available.

The story to this is that every month, or every birthday we make some prayers and offerings to our god of choice. Usually, this was done by booking these offerings by going to the temple and doing so in person. If it was a temple out of town, then we sent a money order with instructions. But now, some temple have their bookings online. Very convenient!

The temple at Mahalingapuram is one which we frequent in Chennai. And they have online booking available and I had very conveniently bookmarked it. But, the landing page, their home page, was shown a 404 error. Tsk Tsk! After enquiring with them, I found out I could make the booking, through their online booking page, even if their home page was unavailable.

It does sound a bit weird to me. So I had to do a google search of pages on that website and then make my booking. That’s the story.

In case you are wondering which temples are online now, these are the ones I know of and have used. (We are Malayalee Hindus, so temples are obviously mallu based choices.)

Guruvayoor Temple Online Booking

The online booking is in general hassle-free. But, there is no user registration. Which means that a booking made is not stored for reference and you cannot go back a generate a receipt. I do wish that Guruvayoor Online Booking services would include this option. It would great.

The other thing about the online booking at the Guruvayoor temple is that not all poojas and offerings are listed online. This, of course, makes sense, since if that were the case the workload of those involved in performing the poojas would be too much to bear.

Mammiyur Temple Online booking

This one has a comprehensive list of all the poojas listed and one can choose and book as needed. There are no hassle and no issues involved.

Mahalingapuram Ayyapan Temple Online Booking 

I just discussed this one. They also have an app for bookings.

Kadampura Bhagavathy temple

Sigh! This one is a hassle. There is a page for registration. There is a page for online booking. There is a page for all the poojas available. Only none of them let you make a booking! I have thus far not been able to register or book or do anything other than reading up on the content available.

I hope you, if you use the site, have a better chance at booking than me.

Padmanabha Swamy Temple Online Booking

This page was not available today when I tried, but it has been available in the past. It lists poojas and the transaction is easy enough.

These are the ones I know of. If you have any to add, let me know.

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