Old and New

Come fly with me
Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

This one is a fairly easy one. I wrote about this a long, long time ago. Below is the link to that post.

This Day That Year

Also, what is with the new WordPress editor! How could they have not included a “JUSTIFY” alignment option? That is just mean!!! Now I have to go around editing HTML tags instead of a ctrl+A and clicking a button. Mean!

Also, I usually try and type it my posts on the Grammarly pop-up editor since it declutters the screen and helps me focus better. All I have to do once I am done with it is click on the space outside and the entire post, with all the corrections, is available on my WordPress editor. But since I switched to the new editor, I tried the same thing and… the post was not available. It remained in the last saved draft state. Argh! I had to write and make the changes again afresh.

Since today’s post was a simple link to a previous post, I have not fidgeted much with the new editor. But, I am sure I shall have much to nitpick about when I do.

Egad! When I tried to select tags, the usually ‘press tab to choose’ doesn’t work either. I have to click on the tag with my mouse. This is getting menacing already. I had to revert to the old classic editor just for ease of tag selection.

One thought on “Old and New

  1. I know right!!! I can totally relate, the new WordPress editor is driving me crazy! I click on something and something totally different pops up on the screen 😂
    Could you maybe check out my blog? My writing style is a bit different but I think you might like it:)

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