Week In Review – Week 46 & 47, 2018


Grouping off two weeks into one post again.

Week 46 was an overloaded one. My grandmother was turning 80 and we thought of celebrating it. She did say it must low key, but somehow, certain invitees invited others and it turned into more than a dozen people turning up. Obviously, table reservations had to be changed time and again. The planning of it, the making calls, writing messages all of that fell on to my lap. Then there was the birthday girl who was tensed beyond reason because she was sure that some of these people were turning up just to cause mischief.  Well, what to do!

In my opinion, if you do not want to meet some people, the best is to tell them they aren’t invited. It is considered rude, but if it is necessary for your peace of mind, then so be it. There is absolutely no need to be cordial and polite if it is a strain on your mind.

Anyhoo, things went well, people lived up to expectations. Those who were expected to misbehave did so, those who were expected to stay aloof did so, those who were expected to have a mild panic attack did so. All in all, a good day to be a spectator.

The best part of the whole week was my daddy. If you know him, you already know he is a man of a few words, silent and calm in almost all situations. And when he has to say something, you shut up and listen. Sometimes he gives out a gem in the form of advice. The entire assemblage was gathered at home. My father was polite and good with everyone. Then a certain group’s conversation veered into something unnecessarily vulgar. My father acted promptly, took up all of that morning’s newspapers and went into his home office. A few minutes later he called me and told me to keep my ears closed. ‘You can hear but you shan’t listen’ being the gist of the advice. Oh, he did the same thing the next day as well. Entirely involved in the news of the world while tuning out all of the garbage spouted. It is a great policy to follow in life. There is no need to include that sort of nonsense in your life. It is entirely up to us to sit and indulge or get up and leave.

Then came Week 47. Following the gathering, I collected the photos and videos and edited them. Cut off the squeaking and squawking and all the noise and made it all good. Forwarded to people who mattered and otherwise. At the end of it all, I had a headache which took a few days to recover from. I just slept and ate and basically the chilled the week away.

The highlight of the past week, of course, was the new Lion King movie trailer and the news that GRRM was locking himself away in a cabin someplace to finish the book!!!

So much to look forward to the next year.

Have a great week ahead.

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