Twenty Facts About…


  1. The bathroom is my favourite place at our home. Sharing second place are my desk & bed. I do most of my thinking/plotting in the bathroom. (TMI – I also browse Instagram and Feedly in there)
  2. I have very few friends. These are people I have known for decades now, but they will be there for me as I will for them. A plethora of acquaintances, but a handful of friends.
    Best Friends, Frost At Midnite
  3. Reading is love. I love to read. That’s all.
  4. I once learnt a language because I read a translated book. And then I wanted to read it in the original language, and therefore learnt the language.
  5. Actually, I love learning new languages. My mother tongue, Malayalam, (and German for now) was the most difficult to learn.
  6. I can play a musical instrument and have given hours-long performances. Not too many people who know me, know of this.
  7. I learnt music for 13 years and gave it up because college life happened.
  8. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a Malayalee. A fraud mallu.
  9. I can speak five languages fluently, read four of them very well. I can get by with another three.
  10. The Tenth of November happens to be my birthday. And I am proper scorpio with all the bells and whistles.
  11. Now the bad stuff. The secrets! I have a temper. Vile and vicious as it is, I have learnt to control it with as much grace as I can. But, I never forget and I seldom forgive.
  12. I am a list maker. From to-do lists to groceries, for good things and bad, there is always a list. Some people are on the bad people list and I do not care to be in their presence.
  13. I hate negative people. Some people spew negativity through words or thoughts or actions. I keep away from them. If they are, inevitably, around me then they will get acquainted with my shrewish side.
  14. I also hate manipulative people. You won’t believe how many are there around us. I just turn into a stubborn ass and don’t budge an inch!
  15. I am a serious procrastinator. In fact, procrastination is very high in my to-do list. Also why I make lists, it helps me rein things.
  16. I drop people from my life without remorse. I’ve cut friendships and relationships because I could not deal with their thoughts, beliefs and/or deeds.
  17. I try and do the nasty deeds first. This year I’ve already gotten my dentist’s appointment done with.
  18. I hate going to the doctors. Any of them. So with point seventeen, I got it out of the way.
  19. I love my life. Could it be better? Yes! Is it the greatest? No! But, I still love it nonetheless. Life is a series of ups and downs and for me, everything is a lesson in making.
  20. Some people have always told me I have a good smile. That my eyes reflect my smile and such. But I think, no I believe, that a person’s smile is a testament to what they have been through in life. More the trials and tribulations, the better the smile.

    By Frost At Midnite

4 thoughts on “Twenty Facts About…

  1. Hi Jayasree – that was a good list, did i tell you that i have been reading your blog for a very long time now, if not, please be known now. This year i want to compliment people more frequently and say more good things to their face, and i started with you.

    Second thing i want to do is not keep any thought (especially a good thought) just to myself but rather share – i wish we have spoken and known each other in college too.

    Wish you a very best 2019.

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