An Old Photo of me.

Do you how difficult it was to find an old photo of me, that was in any way simple and did not have my devious streak shining through!

Finally, I found out something that fits the profile. And I have blogged about it as well. It is a rather immature rant. The background to that story is – we were a team of three and shared a nice sized cubicle. It was private and surrounded by empty cubicles all around us. One day out of the blue, we were assigned to different workstations. A split that did not go well for the three of us.

When you read the post, I am sure you will realize that I am being rather dramatic about the whole thing. But eventually, we got over it and went on to create a lot of good memories together.

This is the post.

And here are the photos of me and Sail, taken by BizTrvia taken on a brand new camera phone (now considered crappy by all standards). Sail has such a beautiful smile! And being the baby of the lot means I got to pose for a nap time photo as well. lol!

I am pretty sure that you would have wondered why I even blogged then and how crappy I was. The comments are even better. And if you look closely, you can see my ‘aquarium’ behind me in two photos. What is life without a little creativity!

And life has come a long way, from being dramatic and writing a convoluted mess, to making a little more sense and being a very tiny bit more mature.

By Frost At Midnite

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