Piercings or Tattoos

The prompt for today – Piercings and Tattoos.

Being as sheltered as I was (:roll:), my first exposure to piercings out of the normal was post-college. On an overseas trip, we were dining al fresco when I saw someone sitting at the table in front of us. His back was turned towards us. And what do I see, piercings going down the nape of his neck. Little nubs of metal adorning the path that would represent his spine. My immediate reaction was a chill down my own spine imagining the pain of it when getting the procedure done, and the inconvenience when sleeping. Can you imagine?!?!?!

Personally, the only piercings I have are in my ear. One per ear and I got them when I was 28 days old! I did ask my mother why she got them done then and the reply was, as Malayalees around the world christen their babies on the 28th day, they also pierce their ears. My grandmother, on the other hand, told me that it was just a convenient time to get it done since the baby does not have the strength to rub or pull at the ear. That was the story behind the tradition.

I did want to get a second piercing done on my ears when I went to college, but my family was dead against it. The reason being that people of ‘our class’ did not do such vulgar things. Well, what can one say to that! No reasoning with such logic. It was not worth fighting a battle over and besides, I was way too busy with college to be bothered about it.

Then came a phase when I wanted a tattoo. I wanted a peacock feather coming out a flute – the two symbols of one of my favourite gods, Krishna. And then there was Kat Von D’s program on TLC where every episode was about people coming into her store to get tattooed.

LA Ink rid me of the wish in the span of one episode. I am not that brave or thick skinned. Not to mention that I am not going to inflict pain upon myself for the sake of vanity. And thus ended the ‘wanting a tattoo’ phase.

And that is my story of piercings and tattoos!

By Frost At Midnite

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