Today’s prompt is – First Celebrity Crush!

Such a ‘meh’ topic this is.

It may be odd, but I did not have a celebrity crush during when I was younger.  However, I did have my first celebrity crush a few years back. It must be said that while I was in the first blush of that emotion, I got over it pretty soon. Imagine you have a nice, big balloon. It couldn’t be more perfect! Then all of sudden you just pop it with a nice big needle. That is exactly what happened to my first celebrity crush.

I watched a movie – Baahubali. I even wrote about it here. And therefore my crush was none other than RDags. For a while. Then I saw a  few YouTube videos of his interviews and promptly crushed that crush. It couldn’t be helped. But for the other RDags fans, if you can find @nandu on twitter, your TL will be blessed with goodness. (She does do vanishing acts from time to time.)

By Frost At Midnite


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