Today’s Prompt – What if I won the lottery!

Haha… That would be a dream come true for everybody, wouldn’t it?

And what would I do if I won the lottery? It depends on many things actually. Primarily, it would depend on the amount I won. Let’s take the “Go Big or Go Home” path and imagine I won the World’s largest lottery.

I won it and I have an insanely obscene amount of money now. What would I do? Of course, I would buy the usual stuff – real estate, stocks and bonds, gold and art. I would also buy a comfortable car. Nothing flashy or fast. I have always thought that if I were to have a humungous amount of money, I would buy a Mercedes GLE. It is a nice sized car and it would great for going about with my people! And maybe, I would get another car for the purpose of my family – a compact car, chauffer driven so that my mom, sister and grandmother can go where ever they want, whenever they want. A Hyundai Creta would be perfect for that. My dad, of course, has his own vehicle, so if he wants an upgrade, he gets one of his choice.

And the real estate, I would spend a good fraction of the lottery to generate rental income. But, I would definitely spend a big sum on a home for myself. It has got to be big! Maybe a two or three bedroom home, with a moderately sized kitchen. However, there will be an entire floor filled with books! Imagine plenty of windows, with window seating, reading nooks and comfortable chairs and chaises.


The above image is from hereIt does look like a good plan.

It goes without saying that my workstation, desk and all the accoutrements would be on this floor only. Basically, I would be living there!

Of course, the house would be solar powered, with plenty of space for a garden (one on the roof as well). And there will definitely be space for art in that home. I do spend hours on Instagram looking through The Louvre (remember this post) and other museums; it is only natural I would have to have something gaze-worthy in my space. Another splurge would be my bed. I spend a third of the 24 hours in a day in bed and it goes without saying that the bed would have to be a heavenly abode for me – the best that money can buy for me. The bathroom is also a space that is a zen-zone for me, and that is something I would splurge upon.

Investments apart, that is all I can really come up with as a plan if I won the lottery. I would also perhaps put up a fund for my parents, my sister and a few very best friends. It goes without saying that charity is a given thing, especially education.

And then there are the completely inane guilty pleasures – makeup, food and… a lifetime membership on Netflix! Tennis and Golf as well. I mean I don’t care if I don’t get tickets to the Wimbledon or a golf club membership, my middle-class mentality would be offended if I were to spend on it. But, I would definitely get the games on a PS at least.

Huh, now that I think about it, having won the World’s Biggest Lottery, I only have very modest dreams in comparison. And then there is the income from the ROI as well. So I shall keep all that money in reserve for whatever whims and fancies strike me in my new rich person lifestyle.

Oh, and lastly a pet for me… a dog!

In the end, one needs to remember that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

By Frost At Midnite

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