If you have been to my personal Twitter, you will find my pinned tweet is a Tolstoy quote. It is very ironic.

J.B. on Twitter

I understood that if I wish to understand life and its meaning, I must not live the life of a parasite, but must live a real life. – Tolstoy

All I do on Twitter is lurk around and read interesting threads, watch twitter fights from the sidelines, watch animals being funny and otherwise use it to increase my stalker skills.

Then there are the few I have liked on GoodReads. And there are the many I actually have flitting about in my head. Like this one,

“A lie is an affront to the soul, as well as an insult to the intelligence of the person to whom one lies.”

― Judith McNaught, Something Wonderful

Plenty of quotes floating around all around me. However, there is one that is very important.


Sometimes, the quote does speak for itself and we need not write odes to it.

By Frost At Midnite

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