Week In Review, by Frost At Midnite

Week In Review – Week 2, 2019

Late, late, late!

And I have a very good reason to be as well. I sat down at my desk today and powered up my laptop when I remembered that I have to clean out my makeup kit. Hmmph! I have a box of that stuff. Anyway, I cleaned it out and then realised that I am not actually buying stuff from the store. My makeup purchases have been mostly online thanks to Nykaa.

It is a leap of faith that one takes. You buy and then wait for the shipment to arrive, all the while you are hoping that whatever you chose suits you. So then, I decided to make my own my plan for this. I made an Excel list of all my lipsticks and foundations and compacts. My list has the products listed, with details like numbers, colour code (RGB & hex), and a field with the colour for quick reference.

And before I knew it was the evening and I had other work. But since we are having a long holiday week here, no complaints. We can waste time and laze around for a while.

The past week was an okayish one only. My sister got her stitches removed and she is now very well. We celebrated her tooth extraction and recovery by eating noodles. I also spent my week reading an Elizabeth Hoyt series.

Then there was the issue of water. Since we are going into a severe drought situation,we have to book for water tankers via the corporation website. Which we did a week back, yet we have not had a delivery. Ironically one can check online for the status, both our own and others as well. The booking IDs are a part of the URL and you can figure things out very easily. And from what digging around I did, seems like only our area is being neglected. For what joy, I know not. It is a horrid condition as it is. But, most people in our apartment cooperate with this situation. Most, mind not all! There is always that one person in every apartment.

Hopefully we get water soon! For now, whatever meagre little we have, we use wisely. I honestly wish it would rain rather heavily in Chennai for an entire fortnight. We could use with some respite.

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