Today’s prompt is – What am I afraid of?

There are plenty on that list. I am deadly afraid of lizards for they give me the creeps. But, most of my fears are quite abstract. I am afraid of not being there when I am needed by the people I most care about.

There are plenty of things that give me anxiety when I think of it, but I take them to be a test for myself. The anxiety and the cold feet are but symptoms of when I am asked to step out of my comfort – that is never a joy for someone like me. However, one must persevere. Conquer as you go is the motto for such situations.

Then too I realise I can handle a lot of things most people would not want to deal with. I have Life to thank for that. But, if I have to travel through a narrow road with traffic coming every which way, I scream or just close my eyes. It is such little things that actually make me scream like a girl.

Today’s topic was quite a bore to write about. I am not a daredevil, but I am not afraid of too many things in life. I had to post this topic yesterday, but I had a devil of a headache since I woke up and was lying in bed all day.

By Frost At Midnite


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